Tunika in Patchwork/Blumenprint (-50%)
Tunika in Patchwork/Blumenprint (-50%)

Tunika in Patchwork/Blumenprint (-50%)

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Made in Spain

Material: 100% Viskose

Ailanto is a fashion design company created by twin brothers Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz, located in Barcelona since 1995. Born in Bilbao in 1968 the designers moved to Barcelona where they graduated in Fine Arts at University College Barcelona. Iñaki complemented his studies with a degree in fashion design.

The universe of Ailanto is renowned for its color combinations, geometric forms and references to avantgarde art movements. Signature prints, figurative embroidery and elegant texture juxtapositions are frequently employed to enrich the collections, making the label a visual one, recognizable worldwide.

In 2005 Ailanto became a member of the prestigious Spanish Fashion Creators Association (ACME). The brand has exhibited its creations at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York, the Cervantes Institute in Tokyo, the Spanish embassies in London and New York and the Decorative Arts Museum in Moscow.

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