Gürtel Nr. 21 mit Goldschliesse

Gürtel Nr. 21 mit Goldschliesse

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Breite: ca. 1cm

Material: 100% Leder

Made in France

Know-how and excellence

Love of quality and style, selection of leathers and craftsmanship have driven Maison Boinet since 1858. These pillars are our "trademark". And this is probably the reason why our accessories are a real source of inspiration for women's fashion. In 2014, Maison Boinet obtained the EPV label.

Between tradition and modernity

Although methods and equipment change, they still serve the same requirement. Our manufacturing processes are the right balance between tradition and modernity. Each leather is carefully selected and perfectly cut before going into production. Of course, our tanners respect ecological and environmental standards.

Solid values

Historically, ecology, sustainable development and respect for people are at the heart of the company's values. The use of water-based adhesive, solvent-free and safe for the environment, is evidence of this.

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