Kleine halbrunde Raffia-Tasche
Kleine halbrunde Raffia-Tasche
Kleine halbrunde Raffia-Tasche

Kleine halbrunde Raffia-Tasche

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Maße: 27x17cm (breiteste Stellen)

- gefüttert
- Innentasche
- Knopfverschluss
- Lederriemen

Material: 100% Raffia (Palme)
Details: Leder
Futter: Baumwolle

The adventure begins in Madagascar, where Liv (the designer) and his mother work towards promoting ancient know-how through the craft of raffia, the designer being born there and having studied in Paris.
IBELIV is conceived as a label of quality and its products follow a charter of VALUES: ecological, socio-economic, high quality.
Their goal is to combine environmental protection with reforestation campaigns for raffia forests threatened by deforestation, as well as stimulating the creation of sustainable jobs for rural women. Bringing out the alchemy between style and practicality. Material softness, comfort and timeless elegance.

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